Friday, 30 March 2012

Home work for 9E students ( Public Sector Finance)

Dear, 9E students,
Solve the following as home work which i am going to check in my next class!!!!


Look at the jumble of goods and services provided or paid for by public expenditure. They relate to the provision of a Public health service and public, or state,education

Nurses’ wages                                    Labaratories                                   Swimming pool
Uniforms                                             beds                                               Sports equipment
X-ray equipment                                 Pens                                                Photocopy paper
Medicines                                            computers                                     Teachers’ salaries
Heating                                                exercise books                               knives
Electric Power                                     New   School buildings                 Ambulances
Heart Monitors                                    Kidney Machines                           New Hospital
Breathing equipment                           Bandages

1.  Rearrange the jumble into two lists: (a) those goods and services you think would be needed to provide health service and (b) those you would expect are required to run a school and teach students. Some items may appear in both your lists

2. Now for each list identify those items or services that will be paid for by current expenditure and those that will be classified as capital expenditure.

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