Friday, 23 March 2012

Requirement for Class Activity - for Grade 8

Dear 8th Grade Students,
We are going to have a class activity on "Needs & Wants" on Monday(8B) / Tuesday(8D).
Here is the home assignment for you all for the same!!!!
Complete it & come.

1 People often want (or value) things they don't possess. Make a 'wish list' of ten things you would like to have. Beside each item mark whether you think each one is a need or a want.

2 Imagine you were going to spend three months camping on a tropical island with no services and were allowed to take ten items with you. List the ten items.

3 Extra activity (Homework) If you have a part-time job or receive pocket money explain how you prioritise the ways in which you will or would like to spend the money. List the ways in which you spend your money (or intend to spend it) and state whether that expenditure is for a need or a want.

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